, ” Share The Spirit And Love For Haiti “, My cartoon Blog, My cartoon Blog

” Share The Spirit And Love For Haiti “

, ” Share The Spirit And Love For Haiti “, My cartoon Blog, My cartoon Blog

Why are the most vulnerable like Haiti repeatedly assessed the highest price?
Sometimes, though, you have to really wonder if the planet itself is not conspiring
against this humble little nation.

We are hamstrung by our own limitations, so we can only do what we always do.
Say prayers and send help and watch, staggered by the courage it takes, as
Haitians do what human beings always do.
The things at which they have become so terribly practiced.
Dig Out. Weep and Mourn. Memorialize the Dead. Rebuild.

Go on, Show the World once again a stubborn insistence on living,
despite all the ‘enormous’ cruelties of the earth…
That is ultimately the fundamental lesson here as children wail,
families sleep out of doors, and the dead lie unclaimed in the rubble
that was once Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Sometimes the rains fall and they will not stop.
Sometimes the skies turn barren and will not rain.
Sometimes, the Earth is so cruel, and you have no choice but to accept that
as part of the bargain called ‘Life’.
Always, when it is, we do the same thing, we dig ourselves out.
This is the price of being human… also, arguably, the noblest expression.

Let us all share the Spirit and heartwarming ‘Love’ for the wonderful people
of Haiti and extend any help we could to lighten-up their endless sufferings.

Cartoon illustrations by Jeff Parker of Florida Today best describes how we can
truly express our feelings and share a little to ease in Haiti’s heartbreaking loss.

Please donate to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund at : www.clintonbushhaitifund.org
and watch this video message at : www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ke9TuLLbXk

Watch the Haiti Benefit Concert Live on YouTube
This Friday, January 22 at 8 p.m. EST, George Clooney and Wyclef Jean will host a benefit concert to benefit the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. Tune in to watch the concert live and donate at : www.youtube.com/youtube

Together We Can Make A Big Difference In Their Plight For Survival!
‘Thank You’ For Your Compassion And Generosity! God Blessings To You All!

I do really appreciate all your continued visits, heartwarming comments and faves!
Your undying support makes it all ‘worthwhile’! Stay ‘Blessed’! My Flickr Friends.
Please ‘Bear With Me’ If I Won’t Be Able To Visit Your Streams On Time!

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, ” Share The Spirit And Love For Haiti “, My cartoon Blog, My cartoon Blog