Multi Sharp #6: Escaping a Bar

I look around the environment around me. It seems like everyone’s still drinking as usual as I slip out, and Joe’s already blasting Joy Division for the villains. The meter bar’s running out on my wrist. Maybe I could implent the momentum feature that builds up the invisibility energy there….hmmm. Just as I was about to do the Asian calculations, Phorus has caught up with me again. Oof.

Phorus: “Going somewhere, Mr Sharp?”
Multi: “Oh yes. I’m having fun in the lounge, but I lost my way to the washroom…heh.”
Phorus: “It’s down by the right hall, turn a slight left. Do you need to be accompanied there?”
Multi: “Thanks but no thanks. I think I’m good. I’m going to look for my sidekick.”
Phorus: “Alright….” (he gives a sly grin, eyes somewhat twitching).

And then I look for Doc. By this point, he seems to be into the job very much, now wasted. Very high and drunk. If Joe didn’t hook him up with his own substances, it wouldn’t be like that.

Multi: “Man, we gotta go. Get some air and talk outside.”
Doc: “What?! Can’t ya see I’m having fun? I’ve never lost myself that much before!”
Multi: “C’mon man. I got more beer at home. You wanna have some?”
Doc: “No! No way! I am not letting you ruin my day, Jon! You gotta let the sidekicks have the fun!”
Multi: “Well, you got wasted last night too.”
Doc: “Have I?! I don’t care, just let me do what I want!”

I walk away, taking a big, deep breath, before walking back to the table Doc was dancing on, a syringe in my hand. I jump up and stab him in the neck. Some other patrons scream a little bit, and I drag his body to the nearest couch. The substance is some sort of drug, reverse toxic kind of stuff. Anaesthetic included. With Doc taken out, I wave my hand to Joe, who seems to have caught my signal. We are leaving….until some of the villains block my exit. I give them a quick excuse that I have to drive Doc to the hospital, but still, it doesn’t seem to work. I see Phorus on the opposite balcony, and he waves his hand as well, letting us go.

By the time the door opens. Phorus shouts. Everyone stops partying.


With no second thought, I run out of the door immediately. It seems as if there’s no bar fight, then a street fight is possible. However the street is crowded with a couple villains, so I decide to blast them. Realising Doc is still there under heavy fire, I drag his unconscious butt with me. I look for the backdoor as I search my way out, and once again, I nod to Joe, who still keeps the music running (on memes).

Multi: “Joe! You’ll have to play the Cheesewind album!”
Joe: “What Cheesewind album lad? I’ve never heard of it….”
Multi: “I made the lyrics possible man. Check the bottom of your bag. Blast that one.”
Joe: “Alright lad. I hope it’s original. Defo will see you on the other side. We’ll meet later.”

Then I rush through the backdoor after doing a couple unusual backflips and energy shots. Running through a couple streets with my buddy in toll, I activate my wrist watch. The lights flicker….


Doc: “Where am I?
Multi: “Look outside the window.”
Doc: “Oh man. Oh god.”
Multi: “You wanna man the tech here?”
Doc: “What tech? Wait what? How did I—you had a vehicle and you didn’t tell me?”
Multi: “I made one in secret, kinda like that big Batwing from TDKR but on a budget haha. I dragged your butt all the way up to various alleys.”
Doc: “Ha! That sounds fun—-hold up. What do you mean dragging my butt here? What did you do to me Jon???!!!”
Multi: “Uh….well. I guess this is a perfect time to talk when you got people shooting on your back. Yes, you got so wasted that Joe even said it looked like prom gone wrong. Or was it uni….but anyways, a substance, nice drug plus anaesthetic gas that I likely stole from the clinic and mixed it together.”
Doc: “What?! That was your idea to get me high and drunk! I didn’t want anything to do with it for investigating! And you stole from the clinic as well?!”
Multi: “Well, I mean, you were doing a great job for distraction. And Jose finally played Cheesewind. That self made album would have got you dancing like crazy. I shoulda taped that as well. Haha.”
Doc: “Jon, if you actually did that, I will really kill you. And you made an album as well??!! How many secrets are you keeping from me, your best friend?!”
Joe: “Long enough to keep those missiles coming in lads. I’m talking through the comms here. You might wanna brace it and take flight quickly.”
Multi: “On it. Just with a less overreactions…..I guess we’ll still die anyway.”

Basically, two guys on the Multimobile, about to fly into the moon ET style. With about a dozen of other guys doing Mario Kart behind me. This is very much the video game I’m not expecting.

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