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We saw the Fire Oasis being set up during the day, so it was cool to see it in action when it was finished. It was a reflective metal "pool", with flames that could be controlled by a panel anyone could walk up to.

Callan, Carolyn, Wolfie.
Fire Oasis sculpture, bees, fire, flowers.

Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, Artemas, Pennsylvania.

June 11, 2016.

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BACKSTORY: Well, that was a crazy burn! So much shit I never expected to do, at WickerMan Burn 2016!

– Damaged Carolyn’s car on the way in so that it permanently squeaks, except it got better by the time we left

– Ate a tequila worm (so much more chewing than you would imagine!) when naked-goddess-bartender poured me one, randomly. (I had to check that it wasn’t something from the woods)

– Watched fireworks so dangerously close that I needed first aid for a burned eyeball (could this be why the vision in that eye went bad this year?)

– Learned to weave. On a loom. And wove some. Took video of weaving.

– worried about this spleen issue I have that is starting to feel less like a pain, and more like an actual tumor that you can distinctly feel on one side (still hurting as of 2017, CT Scan found nothing)

– controlled huge flamethrowers with laserbeams & buttons

– fun stuff on top of a 20-ft wooden ziggurat art installation (Carolyn was too scared to go up!)

– Watched a firework fireball zoom past Carolyn’s head (she didn’t even flinch) and catch the ground on fire 1 foot from her feet

– Made out with both members of a couple (beards can be soft?)

– Bounced in a moon bounce

– Saw Carolyn fall off a bounce-house ramp, tumbling in mid air, as onlookers screamed (one massage later, she’s fine)

– Played with propane bubbles (cover hand, stick in fire, watch self burn) with zero regard for my safety or even knowing what they were ("other people aren’t dying when they do this, so i’ll do this, whatever this is. no, i won’t ask anybody any questions about it or learn anything safety-related")

– Treated 2nd degree cooking burn with actual aloe leaves someone bundled up, just in case. Only had to walk 20 feet from my camp! No relation to previous bullet point.

– Tried (REDACTED)

– Used logical deduction to guide a damsel in distress to her campsite that she could not find, even though I had never been there. (If you want to flatter me, make me feel like Aragorn. I also accept pints of cherry tomatoes & great conversation)

– Received tons of compliments about my hair & badass cartoon shirt (and about my brain) (but I get that a lot… it’s the others I’m not so used to)

– Worried about Andrea in rehab. Did all kinds of crazy things to maintain connectivity to check up on her. A lotta good that did. RIP, Andrea.

– Learned to always great one specific person with "Hi, Clint!" (Her name is not Clint. This is how she prefers greetings.)

– Wore My Little Pony boxer-briefs around strangers

– Sent video from the middle of the woods with a phone that only works when plugged in (tricky)

– Met the creator of games I’ve played for 15 yrs, & found out that the vintage set of game pieces my aunt found me in a thrift store are so rare that he was re-telling people about our set… Even when we weren’t even there. So honored! To tell the man who invented Fluxx that you had the original Fluxx back when that was the only Fluxx you could get was awesome, too.

– But to make a reference to a specific episode of 2 Stupid Dogs to the creator of Fluxx, and have him know it and repeat it back… Wow.

– Chastised by Channy for not knowing how to spell my own name on facebook, becuase she wanted pictoral proof of my story that did not believe — that the deer shit that came out of the deer when my Bonneville was totalled (while driving back from Dirk’s) had splattered onto my car in the shape of Pluto the Dog’s face. I totally sent her that picture!

– Lost 1 of 2 cameras, resulting in our pictures being quite incomplete (gee, real Burnery of whoever found it to not bother giving it back. If I find someone else’s camera, I guess this means I’ll have to keep it to break even?)

– Learned I can consistently inhale an entire nitrous oxide cartridge in one lungful

– Randomly given 2 beers by someone, only to ask to see her face, and, after introductions, us all realizing we already know each other already and are FB friends already (wtf?! what are the odds?!)

Saw a truck covered in fire driving down the mountain like nothing was going on. Overheard: "Are you seeing that? Is that real?"

Phew? Did I get everything? I don’t know! One night, I never saw my camp during the night time, at all.

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